Why your health needs you to dig a little bit deeper…and stand your ground!

As an integrative nutritional medicine practitioner I am a huge advocate of answering the WHY’s? I don’t settle for “not sure, cant help, sorry” – there is always an answer and I value your health enough to go searching high and low. I wanted to provide a simple case example of how going the extra mile and not accepting the first piece of advice given may result in the outcome you are actually looking for.

Female patient presents complaining of chronic ‘unexplained’ nausea coming in waves no rhyme nor reason, not set off by anything and better in time.

Patient consults GP and is referred to a Gastroenterologist for review. The patient is left with a diagnosis of ?IBS and offered SSRIs for relief. Not satisfied (understandably) she returns to GP saying “there has to be something in there!” –under the direction of the GP, she undertakes stool sampling (see below)– nothing detected, patient is devastated and begins to think its all in head...BUT the nausea wakes her in the night….how could this be?!

Test result one

Feeling determined to find the cause, she seeks further help and undertakes a more precise stool sample test, the kind advocated for by functional medicine practitioner’s – to the patients delight, the results reveal severe dysbiosis with the main offender being Yersinia, specifically not detected in the first test. The patient is ecstatic and has started treatment, which has presently resolved feelings of nausea. A lot more work is to be done, but at least answers have been given (there is something in there!) and she is on the right track.

Test results two


This case study is to highlight that at the end of the day you are responsible for your own health and making sure the approach taken is individual enough to meet your needs. If something doesn’t sit right and you feel you are owed more explanation, keep pushing and don’t give up on finding what’s really going on for you, the answers will lie within!

Enjoy! Casey Dick | Passionate Dedicated Natural Nutritionist | Brisbane, Australia, Dietary Nutritionist, IBS, Dysbiosis, Natural hormone balance