What is the best diet for weight loss?

Trick question! There is no best diet for weight loss; it’s about finding the right fit for you!

Diet plans such as ‘7 day slim down’ may get you immediate results, simply because you are making a change. When we break out of our old routine, change happen…its basic logic. Hence why the saying, “do nothing, nothing changes” is quoted by so many movers and shakers.

A lot of people place great pressure on themselves as they view health in the short-term and believe we can ‘fix and set’ our health, not true, for most of us health is a journey, with ups and downs, good and bad days. Instead of berating yourself or giving up because you have hit a rough patch, try to re-focus, set new goals and have a plan to move forward. I promise you, with a change in attitude there will be a change in behaviour and many good days ahead!

Whilst on the topic of 7-day slim downs…spring has sprung…this marks a time when our inboxes, social media feeds and magazine pages inundate us with ‘spring slim downs,’ ‘spring detox’ and ’Get bikini body ready’ programs.  To help you discern which ones to highlight and click delete without looking back here are some guidelines:

  • Forbids or heavily restricts food groups (eg carbohydrates) – carbs are so necessary for gut health, blood sugar regulation, feeling satisfied and thyroid/metabolism, its not sustainable to single and knock them out.
  • Generic meal plan – we are all different and require different food, if the program offers a generic meal plan, move on and seek individual help – unless of course the plan is given with guidance on ways to adapt to suit the individual.
  • Promised weight loss – if a program promises a certain amount of weight to be lost in a certain amount of time, it unlikely to be trusted, they don’t know you, they don’t know your gut function, hormone balance or natural body weight – they cant make such promises!
  • Shakes and meal replacements – if half or more of your allowed energy intake is prescribed in the form of meal shakes or replacement bars…forget about it! This is already setting you up to fail long-term.
  • Hefty price tag– a program should not be charged at excessive rates, you are better off spending your money on good quality produce.
  • Excessive incorporation of supplements, pills & potions – if a program necessitates the use of supplements in conjunction with the meal plan and doesn’t first take a case history….forget about it….again…we are all individual and have different requirements!

Instead, if weight loss is a goal, finding the right fit for you will allow for continual weight loss and reaching your goals. In some, we need to throw at it all that we have, keep changing track, trick the body but still let it feel safe.  Allowing your body to feel safe is key! This means no deprivation! 

There is more and more momentum being gained on the importance of personalised nutrition! In fact, studies have shown that personalised nutrition advice helps people to make bigger and more appropriate changes to their diets than the conventional healthy eating advice.

Start to put yourself first, expect more from 'weight loss' advice, personalise it. The future ahead is very exciting! Watch this space!

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