As a natural Nutritionist, Casey recognises we all have different needs and offers a range of services to ensure there is an option which best accommodates your lifestyle.

One-on-one Nutrition Consultations   

One-on-one consultations are an invaluable first step to invest in the future of your health. An initial consultation provides a thorough assessment of your current diet, lifestyle and health concerns. Together with Casey you will map out a treatment focus and you will leave with a tailored program specific and unique to you.


  • Initial consultation:  60 minutes
  • Follow-up consultation:  30-45 minutes
  • Packages:  as required



Diet Review – Express   

If you feel as though your health is on the right track but your diet is lacking, an express diet review may be the right fit for you. During this review Casey will go over your diet and make tailored recommendations to ensure your diet allows you to look, feel and function at your best.


  • Consultation:  15 minutes

Nutrition Seminars and Workshops  –  inquiries welcome

Corporate Consulting  –  contact for further information

Recipe Development  –  contact for further information